Ultra Fast Broadband @ Mount Aspiring College

Like many schools Mt Aspiring College needed an internet access solution that was sustainable in the lead up to Network for Learning.  Read on to discover the tools and process used at Mt Aspiring College to enable ultra fast broadband for staff and students.   

We needed:
  • no datacap 
  • access speeds of 100 Mb/s up and down
  • a fixed, affordable monthly price
  • static public IP addresses for our servers and video conference units
  • web filtering that we could control that is robust and proven
  • integrate with Active Directory for user management
  • a firewall that is robust, proven and configurable by school staff
  • a pathway to the future that leaves our options open

This is our story ...

A Retail Service Provider supplies connectivity.  This section details what to ask for, what to expect and when to expect it.

Getting your video conference unit to work through your firewall can be a frustrating experience.  Here's how to do it.

Your firewall will stop unintended external access to the school network and limit what school users can do on the internet beyond their browser.

Some situations or devices may work better with a transparent proxy rather than an authenticating proxy.  It is easy to do.

Schools have an obligation under NAG5 to provide an emotionally safe environment and filter the web content that school users have access to.

Our journey towards the Network for Learning has begun.  Follow our progress here.